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In lieu of any condition or warranty, statutory or otherwise (except any statutory warranty which can not be negatived), we ( the “company” Southwell Group Pty Ltd.) guarantee to make good all defects developing with a period of 120 days from delivery under proper use and arising from faulty design, materials, or workmanship in the course of manufacture, subject to the defective parts or part being returned to us free of cost to us. This warranty does extend to electric motors, electrical equipment or engines. We shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss or damaged arising from such defect. This provision shall not limit the purchases right to obtain full benefit of any standard warranty issued by the manufacturer of any goods supplied here under.


The company’s quotation and any order and acceptance shall be deemed to embody the whole agreement between the parties and all conditions and warranties written or implied and whether statutory or other wise (except statutory warranties which can not be negatived) and all other agreements not here in written are expressly excluded. The company shall not consider any claim made under this warranty and no liability shall attach to the company by virtue there of unless the owner /user making the claim shall immediately upon discovering the alleged defect inform the company of the nature of the claim and the reasons therefore.

Any parts repaired or renewed under the terms of the warranty will be covered by the warranty for the balance of the system warranty period. The Decision of the company in all cases shall be final and conclusive and the purchaser agrees to accept it’s decision in all questions as to defects and to the exchange of parts.


Bore hole pump quotations are based on information supplied by others and Southwell Group Pty Ltd are not responsible for any problems arising from water quality, quantity or construction of the bore.

We would require all under ground services including electricity, water, sewerage etc to be identified and marked. In the event that any of these services being damaged outside of the identified areas we are not liable for any cost incurred as a result of a failed service or towards repairs.

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